1 Enterprise Ownership Details
2 Type of Sector
3 Total Investment (In Crores)
In Crores
4 Line of Activity
5 Intended Location For Enterprise(District)
6 Intended Location For Enterprise(Local Body Type)
7 Construction of building/plant/storage facility required
8 Is development of land required as a part of construction activities?
9 Built up area (In Square Meters)
Square Meters
10 Number of floors of proposed building (Including ground floor and basement floor(s))
11 Electricity for office use?
12 Electricity for manufacturing purpose?
13 Power Requirement Type
14 Total expected load(In KW)
15 Does your establishment require installation of any kind of electrical equipment?
16 Will your establishment require the construction of lifts or escalators
17 Will your establishment require installation of boilers of capacity above 25 litres OR temperature exceeding 100 degree celsius OR pressure of 1 Kg/cm square or more
18 Do you require temporary power connection for construction
19 Does your establishment require water?
20 Water Source
21 Water Requirement per day(In Kilo Litres)
In Kilo Litres
22 Will you be engaging more than 10 construction workers?
23 Will you be engaging more than 20 contract workers?
24 Will you be engaging more than 5 workers from other states?
25 Will you be establishing a shop or a commercial establishment?
26 Expected Turnover of enterprise(In Lakhs/Annum)
In Lakhs/Annum
27 Do you want to excavate ordinary earth and transport it outside the project area?
28 Proposed area for excavation (In hectare)
In hectare
29 Do you intend to establish a Sawmill or Wood Based Industry?
30 Do you wish to establish your enterprise in Industrial Park?
  Select the Industrial Park in which you intend to establish your enterprise
31 Have you been allotted land or any other facility for establishing your enterprise in the Industrial Park?
Extent of Land Required for Starting up enterprise in Industrial Parks
In Acres
32 Which occupancy category does your building fall under?
Dwelling Unit
In Units
33 Pollution Category of Industry
34 Does the proposed enterprise fall under hazardous category?
35 Is tree felling required in the site?
36 Total number of Employees
Setting up a business

Guide to identify clearance / permit for your project .

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