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•          1. How do I start?

               Answer: Before  applying  for  any  services,  you  must  first  register  with  Single
               Window  Clearance  System.  Registration  is  a  One  Time  Process.  You  first  need  to
               register as an individual and get a Login account. User  registration will enable to
               access the departmental clearances required for setting up of the business entity.

            •          2. What information is required, when I begin to register?

               Answer: The following fields are mandatory, while you register in Single Window
               Clearance System:

            o                 1. eMail Id
            o                 2. Mobile Number
            o                 3. PAN
            o                 4. Aadhaar Number
            o                 5. Photo
            o                 6. Signature Scanned

            •          3. Is there any registration fee?

               Answer: For Single Window System, Govt. of Kerala as of now is Charging Rs.500/-
               as  fee  for  one  time  Registration.  Separate  application  fees  are  charged  by  the
               respective Departments as per the prevailing rules/acts for Application Processing.

            •          4. How to pay the fees?

               Answer: Single  Window  System  is  integrated  with  electronic  payment  gateway

            •          5. How much amount do I need to pay when invoking these services?

               Answer: The requisite amount will be displayed on the screen while you apply On
               line.  The fee amount can be remitted only using the On-line payment (ePayment)
               option. The fees of all the Departments can be remitted in on shot using the On-line
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