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•          6. How do I get the confirmation after registration?

               Answer: On registration, the Login credentials will be communicated using eMail /

            •          7. What happens if I forget my username and / or password?

               Answer: In case you forgot your username and / or password, please visit the “sign
               in” and click ‘Forgot Password’ link to retrieve your login details. The New Password
               will be communicated using eMail / SMS

            •          8. How many services are enabled on Single Window Clearance System?

               Answer: Presently on single window system 22 services are available. For the list of
               services kindly visit

            •          9.  After  applying  for  the  services  through  Single  Window  Clearance
               System, how do I know the status of my application? Do I need to contact the
               departments for status update?

               Answer: Single  Window Clearance System is integrated with department  systems
               and processes. Hence you will receive the status updates on your application on the
               portal. You don’t have to contact to the department for status update. You can check
               the        status        without         signing        on        the        portal        by
               visiting Also,  system will send eMail /
               SMS to the application on every change in Status of the Application.

            •          10. How can I update/change my personal information?

               Answer: Personal  information  can  be  edited,  after  you  Login.    Menu  option  is
               provided to change the Profile & Password. These changes will get reflected in the
               system once you login the next time.

            •          11. How do I submit the enclosures with the application?

               Answer: Enclosures can be uploaded with the application in electronic format. The
               maximum size of the file will be prompted by System.
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