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•          12. How do I get the information about the various clearances issued to

               Answer:   Once  the  Clearance  /  Permit  is  ready  with  respect  to  a  Departments,
               system  will  communicate  to  you  through  eMail  /  SMS.    You  can  also  check  after
               signing in the portal, the requisite clearance documents will be uploaded on your

            •          13. Is there a helpdesk available for any queries?

               Answer: Yes

            •          14. What is the contact details of the help desk?

               Answer: The          contact         details        can         be        obtained         by

            •          15. How do I provide the feedback?

               Answer: You can send your feedback at

            •          16. Why should I use Single Window Portal?

               Answer:  The  Single  Window  Clearance  Portal  aims  to  facilitate  businesses  in  the
               State  by  providing  a  single  point  (online)  interface  and  a  time-bound  clearance
               system by acting as a one-stop information/ registration / approval/ tracking centre
               for clearances/approvals and providing an electronic-based transparent system for
               online submission and tracking of applications including ePayments.

               It  will  also  provide  updated  information  relating  to  relevant  rules,  regulations,
               orders and policy initiatives and schemes for guidance of investors.
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