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                   Before you start filling the Common Application Form
                       1.  Register as an Entrepreneur.
                              a)  For Registration, you have to upload a Passport Size Photo (maximum Size
                                 100  KB)  and  your Signature  of  maximum  size 100  KB  (Only jpeg  files are
                                 allowed).  A  scanned  copy  of  the  Aadhaar  Should  also  be  attached  (Only
                                 jpeg files are allowed. Maximum Size 100 KB) The following details are also
                              ▪  Mobile Number
                              ▪  eMail Id
                              ▪  Aadhaar Number
                              ▪  PAN
                              b)  There is a onetime registration fee of Rs.500/- for capital investment above
                                 15 Crores and Rs.200/- for others, during every Application Submission.
                              c)  After successfully submitting the Registration form, system will eMail your
                                 Login credentials.
                              d)  On first Login, the Entrepreneur is supposed to change the Password and re

                        2.  For Application Submission, you have to upload a copy of (DWG & PDF
                           files are Only allowed)
                              a)  The Deed Document
                              b)  The Leased deed (if applicable0
                              c)  The Location Sketch
                              d)  The Site Plan
                              e)  The Building Plan
                              f)  The Possession Certificate
                              g)  The Tax Receipt
                              h)  The MoA / Partnership Deed
                              i)  The Registration Certificate of the Licensee

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